the matt mole fishing experience

As a lifelong angler, Matt wanted to create the perfect fishing experience and started on a new adventure purchasing Field Aston Reservoir in 2018.

The previous owner had spent years developing great fish stocks and Matt has now built on this legacy redesigning the grounds, fishing pegs and has built a beautiful oak framed lodge which includes guest facilities (kitchen sink, fridges, showers and toilets).

The main priorities for Matt was to design a lake that provides the optimum amount of water from each swim and that the carp should be in pristine condition so each capture is memorable. At just over 3 acres the reservoir is ideally suited for four specimen anglers using three rods. As part of the new design the number of swims were reduced from 16 to 8 (four double and four single) giving plenty of water for each location and room to move should the anglers wish. The eight, newly designed and constructed pegs get you down to the water to safely land your prize catch. 

The fishing can be challenging. The carp move around a lot and are easily spooked. Being super quiet is definitely an edge. Subtle tactics work well for the carp as fishing over large beds of bait can be counter productive. A 12mm pop up works well. The lake bed is mainly soft clay with some silty areas and weed beds. I’d expect some chod too. There are no major snags but there are lilies and the margins are made up of rubble. Field Aston Reservoir is a great venue to practice different techniques to target your quarry. 

Our fish are well cared for and we ensure that the health of the stock is paramount. We feed our carp with a water friendly non fishmeal based feed from BP Milling and oxygen, ph and temperature is monitored daily. As part of our bio security policy nets, weigh slings, cradles and wetting buckets are provided.

Matt has been fishing for 30 plus years
Field Aston Reservoir comes alive in summer.